Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Election Results

Ok well we have some great news. According to preliminary election results, both Brault and Marcus were elected to the park board. Diana Cohen was also reelected, and although we do not believe she has come out supporting the skate park yet, she has said that she wants to continue researching. Also, Brault seems to be in favor of a skatepark at mallinckrodt. That's good. Did you know that we spent $20 million to by that land, and the building was only sold for about $3 million. We need to put something there. We have stickers, but they were misprinted. Sorry. New stickers are being made. BTW, sorry about the spam comments. Just some random guy. Congratulations to Jim Brault, Richard Marcus, and Diana Cohen on their successful campaigns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You apparently don't favor open discourse! Spend $20 million, get $3 million back from a developer, lose trees that have take eons to grow-- oh boy this looks like a real smart deal! Shame on the Park District! The community would have been better served with the addition of high quality, high value homes to the tax base. $17 million skate park, oh please!

4/30/2006 9:37 PM  

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