Monday, April 18, 2005

Wonderful News

I have just returned from the april 18th meeting. We have some great news. The location to be recomended to the Park Board on May 9th is the Community Play Fields near WJHS. This is a great leap forward for our cause. We are hoping to have at least one public hearing this summer. We had over 30 people at the meeting who were there to support the skatepark. Thanks everyone. Look in the Wilmette Life this week or next, for an article on us. I will post a link to the article to be when I get one. I hope we can have a similar turnout at the May 9th meeting where the recomendation of the parks and rec committee for the location of the skatepark will be presented to the entire park board. Then the process of debate really begins and we will need each and every person to help support our cause.


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