Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meeting at Village Hall

Meeting on Monday at Village Hall. Moderate success. We had lots of people. Thanks guys. Especially Tyler for getting all those new kids to come. Well here is what it looks like for those of you who couldn't come. We really can't do anything other than write to the paper until the consultant comes back to the village with some answers. Update on Howard Park: This would require tearing down the warming house (but it would be rebuilt) and it would still be very narrow. BTW the Glenview Park by ABT is around 12,000 square feet. Vattmann, Gilson and maybe Hibbard are still good options. I really don't think that the village will agree with Maple or West. Don't worry, we will still push mallinckrodt, but it does not look likely, even with all of that park space, they just don't want to make the people who might move into the condos there mad. Well there goes the aesthetically pleasing, large, and creatatively designed park.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Glenview Skatepark Pictures

That's right. Glenview has a skatepark. Why not Wilmette? The Glenview skatepark is a great model for Wilmette. It has beginner, intermediate, and advanced features in a good sized space.

Glenview even has a little hut to sit and relax since skating is so tiring. Unfortunately, they do not allow BMX bikes, and bikers are often kicked out. The Glenview skatepark also lacks a close water fountain or vending machine. Skating is tiring, and in Wilmette, hopefully, a water fountain is found closer to the park.

Hibbard Park Pictures

Hibbard Park currently has a baseball diamond, jungle gym, and tennis courts, but it has lots of room left over. There is plenty of room at Hibbard Park for a skatepark on the side opposite the Rec Center. This park could be plenty big, but many soccer teams practice on the field. Depending on the size of the skatepark, it could be hard to accommodate both, and a sidewalk might need to be made from the rec center parking lot to the skatepark. This sidewalk would have to be skater friendly, and allway skating on it.

Another option at Hibbard Park, is to take down the tennis courts and build a skate park there. There are many other tennis courts in Wilmette for tennis players to use.
This would not be my top choice for the location of the skatepark.

Avoca Park

Avoca Park is inadequate for a skatepark. It is full of soccer fields, and a basketball court, so there is no room left. And, the park is used at recess by students at Marie Murphy School. This means that students might enter the park at recess and misuse the park features, which could cause harm to the features as well as the students.
Avoca Park can not be used as a skatepark.

West Park Pictures

West Park has a skating rink, jungle gym, baseball diamond, and garden, but it still has a large area were a skatepark could work well.

The park could be very big, because the only nearby constrant would be the baseball diamond. The cons to this area, are that a. the park just isn't very nice looking, and b. the park is hard to get to and not very central to Wilmette.

Thornwood Park Pictures

This is Thornwood Park. It has two baseball fields, tennis courts, and a jungle gym. There would be very little room for a skatepark. I DO NOT recommend this as a place for a skatepark.

This is the North-West corner of Thornwood Park. There is some area that could be potentially used for a skatepark here, but it is not recommended. Most of the East side of the park is empty, and it is the only site on Thornwood park where a park could be built, but it is right up against houses.

A park at Thornwood could be very long, but not necessarily too wide as to stay away from the baseball fields.

Mallinckrodt Pictures

this is the South-East corner of Mallinckrodt. It is not close to many houses. A great spot for the skate park.

Another view of the South-East corner of

It would be possible in
Mallinckrodt to have at the edge of the unused parking lot, and then have paths winding through the trees that could lead to smaller features like a miniramp. This would look great and really give a natural and tranquil setting for the skatepark.

arguments for a skate park

Reasons to put a skateboard park in Wilmette (specifically Mallinckrodt)

  1. Mallinckrodt has lots of land now available for use and a skate park will not take up anywhere near the whole space.
  2. Currently, skaters in Wilmette either skate in the streets, or in the back of schools where parts of the buildings can be danged, and BMX biking is limited to the biker’s yard.
  3. Skate Stoppers are now being put in at new construction sites in Wilmette which limit skate-able areas.
  4. A skate park would encourage the sports of skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX biking.
  5. Skate parks are the #1 choice for recreation of teenagers when polled by Parks & Recreation departments according to the skate park association of the United States of America.
  6. Cities and municipalities have an obligation to their communities to provide safe places for their youth to skate. It is an investment in their future.
  7. This money can be raised by the skaters beforehand though various means if it is necessary, as well as after construction by charging for the use of the park during certain parts of the day.
  8. Studies show that skateboarders are not likely to do drugs because of the commitment skateboarding requires.
  9. The average price of skate parks is only $25,000 and is about 10,000 square feet.
  10. Companies like Coke and Pepsi have been known to give money to fund skate parks in exchange for having their vending machines at the park.
  11. Many teens to not like competitive sports like football or basketball, and mostly non-competitive sports like skating are a great way to get those kids out and exercising.
  12. While skating and other similar sports may not be direct team sports, they promote encouragement and give teens a sense of community.
  13. There is a large demand in Wilmette and the surrounding communities for a skate park because currently the closest parks are in Glencoe and Glenview.