Sunday, April 24, 2005

link to the article

here is a link to the article in the wilmette life about us. Click Here

Thursday, April 21, 2005

wilmette life, once again

Hey everybody, check out this week's wilmette life. We are in two articles, one covering the last meeting, and one editorial about youth getting involved in politics. This is great for us. BTW we are hoping to have a meeting soon outside of the normal park board meetings, this is to discuss between the skaters what we want. We can decide on a material, if we like 3D design, if how will will go forward from here, as well as other things. No date is yet set for this

Monday, April 18, 2005

Wonderful News

I have just returned from the april 18th meeting. We have some great news. The location to be recomended to the Park Board on May 9th is the Community Play Fields near WJHS. This is a great leap forward for our cause. We are hoping to have at least one public hearing this summer. We had over 30 people at the meeting who were there to support the skatepark. Thanks everyone. Look in the Wilmette Life this week or next, for an article on us. I will post a link to the article to be when I get one. I hope we can have a similar turnout at the May 9th meeting where the recomendation of the parks and rec committee for the location of the skatepark will be presented to the entire park board. Then the process of debate really begins and we will need each and every person to help support our cause.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Urgent: New Location

The park board has moved the meeting from the Village Hall to the Community Rec. Center.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

april 18th meeting

Monday April 18th at 6:15pm is the most important parks and recreation committee meeting to date. We need everyone there. Our goal is 20 people. We have been getting alot of people talking, and we are hoping that within the next few meetings, the wilmette life will do something on us. SO SHOW UP! sorry, but we really need everyone who can come to come. If you need a ride, email us at skatewilmette(at) oviously put in the @ symbol, but i dont want people spamming the email adress, so i wont type it for them to steal. We have a network of people set up who can give rides.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Election Results

Ok well we have some great news. According to preliminary election results, both Brault and Marcus were elected to the park board. Diana Cohen was also reelected, and although we do not believe she has come out supporting the skate park yet, she has said that she wants to continue researching. Also, Brault seems to be in favor of a skatepark at mallinckrodt. That's good. Did you know that we spent $20 million to by that land, and the building was only sold for about $3 million. We need to put something there. We have stickers, but they were misprinted. Sorry. New stickers are being made. BTW, sorry about the spam comments. Just some random guy. Congratulations to Jim Brault, Richard Marcus, and Diana Cohen on their successful campaigns.