Thursday, February 17, 2005


ok team. we have posters. check them out at our photobucket. print them out. pass them out. put them on the outside of your locker. whatever! ok good news. we have someone who is willing to fund t-shirts that will say "Skate Wilmette: WE NEED A SLOGAN" what do u think our slogan should be. come up with one and email it to or comment on this post. also, graham went to the park board meeting in febuary, and the consultant for the village should give his findings on april 19th. he will tell the village the pros and cons of each park location. then we can start making real progress. also, lets remember that on april 5th that there is a park board election. we need to reelect marcus. we also need to elect jim brault. carlson is also in favor of a park, but most important and marcus and brault.