Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Everything is Going Swimmingly

The park is, as far as the board is concerned, going to be built. The process is going to take about a year. There are still many ways that the park could be stopped. The plan is find some companies that would build a skatepark => start the bidding => get the plan approved by the village / create a design => Start construction. The location will be at Hibbard Park, which is the park at Glenview Road and Skokie Boulevard. It will be near the bus. The park is 8.3 acres, and is behind the recreation center, so it can be monitored. The design team that we had to evaluate the parks was 3D Design.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sorry about such a delay

Must likely people have stopped coming here months ago. The park has been voted on, it will be built, most likely, at Hibbard park. Hibbard park is behind the Rec. Center. Today there will be a meeting at 7:30.