Monday, June 27, 2005

Hearing #1

Congrats everyone who spoke at the meeting. Even the opposition did well when they weren't spouting lies or twisting facts. Ok so that was most of the time, but what are you gonna do. Even after Joel and I made it clear that insurance is not an issue, it was brought up. Some people said some really strange things. One person said that they did not support any parks or park activities that did not bring in money for the village. Well there goes alot of our parks. Residents whom had spoken to me personally said that I told them that around 40-60 kids would use the park. I did say that. I said that at least 40-60 kids would use the park avidly (at least twice a week). And I am seeing that the number is more than that. There are likely 200-300 maybe more kids who skate, and will use the park a few times in its first year, but once there is a park, more kids will skate, and more kids will skate avidly. So almost immediately that number increases dramaticlly in size. I call on the park board to conduct a census of the village. To determine how many people in wilmette skateboard, and how many skate avidly. Because even my numbers of participants are just estimates and guesses. If you weren't at the meeting, try to come to other meetings, because we need your help. If you were at the meeting, continue to come, because we need you as well. Also, write letters to the Wilmette Life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody did great and spoke really well. There was plenty of opposition but it was 90% from people around the Community Playfield. We made a lot of good points. Good luck in London Michael. See everyone at the next hearing -MARLO

6/28/2005 11:07 AM  

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